While I am more likely to just stream something random or currently-playing, my schedule is based around themed shows that I try to hit each week so you have something to watch weekly, and watch later on Youtube. So below are the current shows airing on Quantumreplay each week. Check Twitter for schedule updates or if a show is not happening as scheduled.

Final Fantasy Fridays
Celebrating it’s thirtieth anniversary, Square-Enix’s iconic Final Fantasy franchise is a gaming classic, and what better way to join the celebration than to play every linear Final Fantasy title (excluding online MMOs) from start to finish, each week. Starting with FFI and ending with FFXV, we journey through countless iterations of the world with heroes, classes, Chocobos, and more replaying awesome moments in gaming history.

Day: Every Friday Time: 8PM EST
Current Game: Final Fantasy II

Saturday Morning Replay
I’ve played a lot of games over the years, some good, some bad. So wake up and smell the coffee on your Saturday morning (or afternoon because I am lazy) with a game from the past. PC, console, even arcade titles. Grab a bowl of cereal and a keyboard and chat with myself and others for a couple hours every Saturday.

Day: Every Saturday Time: 12PM EST

Shows In-Development
Dirty Console Peasant: PC gaming is where it is at, but occasionally we have to put on our peasant disguises and mingle with the console commoners in the fields playing yesterday and today’s best console titles on Playstation, XBox, and maybe older retro consoles as well.
Development Note: I am still working on finalizing a day and time for this, possibly Tuesday or Thursday evenings for a couple hours. I also need a capture card to run the PS1/2/3 before I can stream any of those games, but for now, I’ll be focusing on PS4 titles.

The Sandlot: Sandbox games are a particular interest of mine, from classics like Sim City to popular favorites like Minecraft and many in-between. The Sandlot will be a show where I spend some time doing something random in games like Minecraft, Starbound, Cities: Skylines, Stardew Valley, and more.
Development Note: Sandbox games are very niche, so I don’t expect many viewers, but my goal is to make these very laid-back, informal streams, encouraging a lot of chat, music, and interaction as I play. People have told me to play what I enjoy, and I enjoy sandbox games a lot. So there is that.

Would You Blindly?: I have a large backlog of PC and console games I have not played, ever. So what better way to play them then to play them without guides, walkthroughs, or any prior knowledge of the plot or story? It’s a blind-playthrough, not knowing where we’re going.
Development Note: I was trying to find a way to cleverly work through my Steam backlog,
and a lot of my backlog are A-AA titles stretching back over a decade (like Deus Ex). I’ve obviously never played through most of them nor heard their plots, so I thought this would be a neat way to roast me for playing the game wrong.

Virtua-LAN (name pending): Join myself and other friends, e-friends, sort-of-friends, and whomever else bites for multiplayer action on Stream or Blizzardnet games. Guaranteed to either be wildly entertaining, or a complete crapfest.
Development Note: This one may be tricky to do weekly, since people have wildly different schedules. This may end up being a once or twice-monthly show likely on Saturday evenings since that is usually the best time.